Off Leash "Heel" - Your dog will remain close by, with you, having total off leash control. This command is greatly accommodating for individuals who enjoy hiking or simply strolling through the neighborhood and not having to worry about holding onto a leash.

"Place" - When you say "place" your dog will go to your preferred spot. Whether it's their dog bed, crate or special place in a room, they will understand going to that spot and staying there until you release their command. This command is extremely useful when you have company coming over and you don't want them greeting anyone unless you permit it.

"Wait" - No more pulling or lunging to beat you out of the entryway. Your dog will politely wait until the moment when you give the OK to continue. This applies to numerous situations - racing to get out of their crate, not ceasing at curbs or constantly pulling on the leash.

"Come Here" (recall) - You can say goodbye to those days of your dog being occupied and not returning when you call them. Imagine being able to go to the dog park and you get to decide when it's time to go home - no more chasing and calling your dog to "come" and him not listening.