our training.

Our approach to training is a positive, reward based system to help your dog thrive in any environment. We teach on and off leash obedience, while instilling manners into their everyday routines.

Obedience Training

Teaching your dog to sit seems pretty easy to most. What makes it difficult for some is teaching your dog how to sit and not get distracted and run off after you just gave him his treat for listening. That's where Etiquette Academy for Dogs comes in. Basic obedience is more than just "sit" and other basic commands - lie down, come on, easy; it's to instill manners and get rid of the distraction so you and your dog can have an enjoyable experience together.

Service Dog Training

Dogs get fulfilled when they do things for their owners. Even if it's just a simple command, such as "sit'". Service dogs have more of a job to fulfill when it comes to disabilities. Whether it's training a dog for someone who is in a wheelchair or for someone who has anxiety, we have the experience to train your dog the way you need him to be trained. And after all training is complete, he will be even happier and take pride knowing that he has a job to do.

Puppy Training

Socialization is the most important part in raising a puppy. Getting them used to everything - noises, kids, other pets such as cats and dogs, family, friends and being in public. When introducing your pup to different surroundings, it prevents them from being scared or fearful in the future. It's not always snuggles, face licks and playing fetch when it comes to raising a pup. There's the teething stage, housebreaking and biting on things they shouldn't be biting on. We have all the tips and tools you may need when you decide to bring home a puppy. Our foundational training for pups start at 20 weeks. That is the earliest we will begin training. Obedience training before this time can certainly be done. However, it won't be as functional compared to if we wait until they are a bit older. 

Behavioral Counseling

It doesn't matter the size - whether you have a Pomeranian or a Pitbull sometimes they may have behavioral issues. It could be aggression towards their food bowl, toys, other pets, kids or other people in general. Separation anxiety, biting/nipping, whining. Maybe they get too hyper and jump on everyone and everything when they get wound up. Whatever the problem, we guarantee that we can work through it and get your dog where they should be.

Group Classes

After training is complete, you will receive one-on-one training with Jay and your dog. We teach you how to continue your dogs on-going training. It doesn't stop there. We continually check on progress. If you ever have a question or are unsure about anything, you will have that relationship with Etiquette Academy where we are only a phone call/facetime away. To continue progress and functionality we hold classes once a month free of charge for those who have completed a training program with us. We set a date and time and go over progress and any questions you may have. 


What better place to board your dog than with a trainer? In-home, loving environment with kids and other pets. While we only board a few dogs at a time, you can expect updates, pictures and video of your dog while boarding.